June 2006

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Trade Talk
- Multi-Vendor Snack End Cap A Big Winner
Best-of-the-best end cap boosts retailer total snack category sales and margins.

Category Insights
- Meat Snacks Spice Up The Bottom Line
The low-carb craze is over, but the popularity of meat snacks continues.
- Sparking Seasonal Confectionery Sales
Selling more seasonal candy requires more of a merchandising commitment in the store.
- Premium’s Out Of The (Illustrious) Bag
Upscale chocolate is out of the (illustrious) bag.
- Non-Chocolate Gets Exotic And Intense
New offerings come with plenty of bite and in a myriad of flavor and texture combinations.

Retail Trends
- They Have A Way With Gourmet
Remember when grocery shopping was about grabbing food and getting out? Upscale supermarkets are changing all that.
- Confection Heaven

Retail Strategies
- Smarter Kids’ Candy

Kid Engineers
- A Kids’-Eye View Of Confections
Kid Engineers’ share what they — and their parents — are thinking about candy.

Anniversary Observed
- 90 Years Of Confectioner
We take a trip down memory line in observance of Confectioner’s 90 years of publication.

- A “Booming” Opportunity
Are marketers focusing on the Baby Boomers of today? Ignoring them could be a trillion-dollar mistake.

   Special Reports   
In the Store
- Alternate Realities
The candy category is gaining a firm foothold in nontraditional retail locations.
- Marjack In The Middle
- Plugged In To Candy
- Candy And A Movie Prove A Winning Business Proposition
- Distributing Fun

Diet and Health
- Getting Real About Candy And Obesity
How can the candy industry best address today’s growing obesity epidemic? Consider these expert insights.

- Alternative Opportunities

- Cap Goes Back To “Children At Play” Roots
- Hershey Funds Health Research, New Center
- The Demographics Of Shopping

Worth Watching
- Giant Eagle Gives Convenience Retailing A Go Worth Watching

Candy Product Update
- Bpop Bones, Eclipse Big-E-Pak and more...

Snack Product Update
- Hershey Snack Line, Dolcetto Wafer Rolls and more...

Seasonal Product Update
-Candy Cane Pop Rocks, Guylian Twists and more...

Last Word
- A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane

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