Sweet Trail Mix
Mount Franklin Foods LLC, dba Sunrise Confections and Azar Nut Co.
Booth 361
The Azar Nut Co. extends its peg bag snack nut line with the introduction of Sweet Trail Mix, a delicious blend of peanuts, raisins and yogurt chips perfect for snacking at home, at school or on the go. As with the other four items in the line, the Azar logo and familiar tree remain prominent while a large callout helps the consumer to quickly find the variety they want. Color coding provides product differentiation and visual appeal to the set. The 3-ounce bag has a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
All Natural Kettle Corn Snacks
LesserEvil Brand Snack Co.
Booth 1287
LesserEvil, the snack food company that makes devilishly delicious and fun gourmet foods without the “bad stuff,” launches new packaging for its introductory line of All Natural Kettle Corn snacks and a second snack line, Krinkle Sticks. The new packaging is for LesserEvil’s four mainstay flavors – Classic KettleCorn, Black&White, MaplePecan and PeanutButter & Choco.
5-Hour Energy Drink
Living Essentials
Booth 2356
Living Essentials’ popular 5-Hour Energy is a unique 2-ounce liquid energy drink that provides hours of focus, concentration, alertness and mental acuity without the crash or jitters associated with traditional canned carbonated energy beverages. Because it requires no refrigeration and has a small footprint, 5-Hour Energy has been successful at the front end. With zero sugar and only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee 5-Hour Energy’s feeling of “smooth energy” comes from the product’s large amounts of B vitamins and amino acids. It contains no herbal stimulants.
Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips
Grab Em Snacks
Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips is a gourmet chip alternative available in Sea Salt, Black Pepper Spice, Red Chili, Chili Garlic, Jalapeno and Cajun varieties. Made from green plantains that have not yet sweetened instead of the traditional tubers, Grab Em Snacks chips offer the same crunch and basic shape as potato chips with a distinctive look and taste imparted by the plantain seeds in the middle of each chip, the plantain itself, and the color of the spice used to flavor each variety. They’re pan-fried in small batches and slivered so thin that they absorb little corn oil, delivering 8 grams of fat with 1 gram of saturated fat per serving. The plantain origin also packs an extra punch of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, and the product contains no additives or preservatives. The chips are also gluten-free. The product is bagged in 1/4, 1/2 and 1-pound packages with a suggested retail price of $6.75 to $8.50 for a 1-pound package depending on the flavor.
Aloha, Hawaiian organic macadamias
Hawaiian Host, Hawaii’s original chocolate-covered macadamia candy manufacturer, introduces Hawaiian Host Pure Aloha Organics, the first certified organic Hawaiian macadamias and chocolate-covered macadamias.
Hawaiian Host Pure Aloha Organics macadamias are grown using farming techniques that are free of chemicals and the line has been certified organic by the Hawaii Organic Farmer’s Association (HOFA). Certified organic means that the product has been inspected to ensure that the organic standards set forth by the Federal Organic Rule have been met.
HOFA is the only Hawaii-based certification agency accredited by the USDA’s National Organic Program and all Hawaiian Host Pure Aloha Organics products display the USDA organic seal of approval.
Hawaiian Host Pure Aloha Organics is available in a 4.5-ounce lightly sea-salted macadamia can, which is offered at a suggested retail price of $5.79 to 5.99. The organic line is also available in a 3.1-ounce Milk Chocolate Indulgent Stand Up Box and a 3.1-ounce Dark Chocolate Indulgent Stand Up Box, which are offered at a suggested retail price of $4.99.
Hawaiian Host Chocolates,
Booth 1508,