Judy Cooley
Principal Scientist, International R&D
The Hershey Co.
Hershey, Pa.

Judy Cooley began her confectionery career with the Paul Beich Co. in 1978 as a quality assurance/R&D technologist. From that point on, the Illinois State University graduate had the opportunity to work with a variety of candy companies in quality assurance and/or research and development until she joined The Hershey Co. in 1986.
As a key member of Hershey’s research and development team, Cooley also found time to work with the National Confectioners Association (NCA), and the American Association of Candy Technologists (AACT).
In addition to moderating several technical sessions during NCA’s various conferences and spearheading several roundtables, Cooley took on the chairmanship of the association’s Technical Committee during 2002-2005. She continues to remain an active member of that same committee.
A long-time member of the PMCA, Cooley has worked tirelessly on various committees as well as participated in the association’s annual production conference, either as a moderator, a session official or presenter. She’s currently a member of the PMCA board of directors, chairs the Conference Program committee and is active in the Student Outreach and Nomination committees.
Having presented several papers at the AACT’s annual conferences, Cooley continues to actively support the organization. She received the association’s highest honor, the Stroud Jordan Award in 2009 and serves currently as the 2nd vice president for the National Council.
Cooley holds two patents, one in popcorn seasoning and one in breath freshening. Since 2006, she’s acted as “Mother, House Mom and Mentor” to several students from Zurich’s ETH who have been interning at Hershey as well as several young professionals in Japan and China. She received the Hotchkiss Scholar Award from Lake Forest’s Graduate School of Management andhols an MBA with high honors from there.