When most people familiar with Keto think about the low-carb, high-fat diet, they assume that people following it have to basically give up all candy. After all, candy is typically filled with sugar, sugar is a carb, and carbs aren’t allowed on Keto. 

Keto is short “ketosis, which is the metabolic state your body enters when you reduce carbs. And the diet is definitely popular. 

So can candy and snacks have a place in this trendy new diet space? According to a new report from FONA, yes. 

The flavor company recently released, “What’s Next After Keto,” highlighting how approaches to the diet continue to evolve. 

While Keto was a diet disrupter that was low in carbs and high in fat (and attention), the next version of Keto 2.0 is a little more balanced,” FONA says. “This updated eating plan helps followers achieve ketosis but is more flexible and can include healthy sources of fat along with some whole grains and low-carb plant-based foods like leafy greens and low-sugar fruits.”

And specifically, FONA has highlighted some of the most innovative products from candy and snack companies that also happen to fit into the Keto lifestyle.Some of the notable candy and snack Keto-friendly products include:

Avacado chips

Avolov Avocado Chips

These snacks are Keto, plant-based and clean label, made only with avocados and seasonings, offered in Chili and Lime, Pink Himalayan Salt and Sriracha varieties.

Krave pork rinds

KRAVE Plant-Based Jerky and KRAVE Pork Rinds

The KRAVE brand is offering plant-based and Keto snacks to consumers looking for high-protein and low-carb choices. The pork rinds are made with hormone-free, all-natural pork and are available in Chili Lime and Al Pastor Taco. The plant-based jerky is made with fava beans and peas.

Lilys dark chocolate

Lily’s Chocolate

This sugar-free dark chocolate is made with stevia and erythritol to make it sweetly satisfying yet light on carbs. The line includes a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar.

Banana Joes keto cookies

Banana Joe’s Keto Coconut Cookies

These are made with a recipe that uses roasted and pressed coconut pieces.

You may have noticed that only one of these product specifically highlights the fact that it's Keto-friendly. While calling out the word "Keto" on the front of the label is likely to attract any consumers on the diet, it does limit how likely people who aren't following Keto will be to reach for the item. 

The bottom line is, nobody wants to live without any candy for the rest of their lives — no matter how committed they are to the Keto diet. And confectionery companies could learn a lot from these products about how to capitalize on trends that may not seem like a good fit at first. Because as long as there are consumers — they’ll be a market for sweet treats.