Trü Frü reports continued growth despite challenges brought on by the pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain bottlenecks and loss of harvests worldwide due to extreme climate events.

Trü Frü achieved 150 percent growth while immersing more than 125 million pieces of fruit in chocolate in 2020. In 2021, the company immersed more than 400 million pieces of fruit in chocolate and added more than 80,000 points of distribution, representing 250 percent growth.

Heading into the new year, with a 400 percent increased production capacity, Trü Frü strives to immerse nearly one billion pieces of fruit in chocolate.

“Trü Frü has just scratched the surface of this indulgent brand’s potential,” said CEO Brian NeVille. “Trü Frü has emerged as the holy grail of snacking for the future — no other snack is as equally indulgent as it is better for you.”

In addition, Trü Frü has won multiple awards for its innovative approach to healthy indulgence. At the 2021 Sweets and Snacks Expo, Trü Frü won the Most Innovative New Products Award in the Sweet Snack and Gourmet/Premium Candy categories, following its 2019 win in the Sweet Snack category. Trü Frü was also awarded a gold and platinum Penguin 2021 Awards for Overall Marketing Campaign Manufacturer and Social Media Campaign for the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association. Trü Frü was also a NEXTY Finalist at EXPO West 2021.

“There are three reasons I am so excited about Trü Frü,” said Trevor Bahner, Kroger frozen category manager. “First, we are looking to provide our customers with enhanced selections of convenient and innovative offerings for the category, and Trü Frü hits both of these for us. Second, Trü Frü drives category incrementality with households focused on higher quality. And third, the Trü Frü team is creative and experimental and not afraid of new things which is so important in a partner. Once you try Trü Frü you are going to be hooked.”