Tony’s Chocolonely says it will make its Sweet Solution bars a permanent offering.

Launched earlier this year, the original, limited-edition Sweet Solution assortment aimed to draw awareness to illegal child labor and modern slavery in the cocoa industry by using colors that resemble those of global brands. The bars returned to shelves in Tony’s signature wrapping June 3.

“When we saw how well our fans responded to these bars and their message, we knew we had to incorporate them into our classic rainbow,” said Thecla Schaeffer, chief marketing officer at Tony’s Chocolonely. “So, until our 5 Sourcing Principles become the norm in the industry, our Sweet Solution bars are here to stay.”

The four chocolate bars will be sold at $5.99 per bar. The permanent includes:

  • Milk chocolate with wafer and cookie pieces
  • Milk chocolate cookie caramel
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnut and cookie
  • Milk chocolate honey almond nougat (which is already in Tony’s Chocolonely’s classic chocolate range)

Consumers can purchase the bars at Whole Foods’ stores across the nation beginning in June.