Sprinkles, the renowned cupcake bakery, is making its first foray into boxed chocolates by launching Sprinkles Chocolates nationwide on May 3. 

Inspired by the bakery's best-selling cupcake flavors, the collection features Sprinkle, Red Velvet, Black & White and Dark Chocolate. Each bar is handcrafted with fine Belgian chocolate and is adorned with signature design elements that are a celebration of the Sprinkles experience.

The chocolate line is the company’s newest innovation. Sprinkles is known for its signature innovation — the world’s first Cupcake ATM — as well as for its modern, yet playful approach to classic American desserts.

“As passionate innovators, we are constantly developing new treats for our guests to enjoy,” said Dan Mesches, president and CEO of Sprinkles. “We’ve rolled out decadent brownies, cookies, and layered cakes and dreamed up collaborative creations with exciting brands like Patron and Dr. Pepper. For us, creating chocolate bars with a Sprinkles twist was a natural next step.”

Each handcrafted bar uses dark and white chocolate to mimic the flavors and aroma of each cupcake’s rich frosting, decadent cake and sweet toppings. The collection includes:

  • Sprinkle: This cheery white chocolate bar is adorned with rainbow sprinkles inside, outside and all around.
  • Red Velvet: The Red Velvet chocolate bars are packed with sweet crinkly bits of frosting, layered between fine Belgian chocolate and white chocolate and finished with Sprinkles’ signature swirl and modern dot design.
  • Black & White: The Black & White chocolate bar offers a harmonious balance with each bite. The bar features dark chocolate covered in creamy white chocolate and topped with signature chocolate sprinkles.
  • Dark Chocolate: This candy bar features a rich dark chocolate and Sprinkles’ signature swirl and modern dot.

Prices for single boxes start at $7 and $28 for an assorted gift pack, which features each of the signature flavors.

Pre-order for nationwide delivery is available now through the Sprinkles website and bars are also available for pick-up and local delivery from bakeries in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, and New York.