Baby Ruth and Trident Vibes have been recognized as 2020 Products of the Year, a consumer-voted award for product innovation.

With winners across 41 unique categories, the Product of the Year awards are bestowed based on feedback from a national study of 40,000 consumers conducted by Kantar, a global leader in consumer research.

Product of the Year has operated for 12 years in the United States, and over 30 years globally, acting as a trusted shortcut for shoppers in the marketplace. Each year, Product of the Year accepts entries from consumer goods that demonstrate innovation in their function, design, packaging, or ingredients, and a category winner is selected through Kantar’s nationally representative study.

Winning products receive the right to use the Product of the Year logo in marketing communications for two years.  

“For Product of the Year it’s always been about innovation; yesterday, today and tomorrow – that’s what we love, are laser focused on and champion,” said Mike Nolan, global CEO of Product of the Year management. “Coupled with that, our unique process of polling 40,000 independent voters means shoppers, retailers and manufactures continue to genuinely trust the seal. 2020 sees new and exciting categories added that reflect the ever-changing face of innovation in the US, delivering us another great set of winners.”

Baby Ruth, acquired by Ferrero in 2018, earned the Candy Bar Product of the Year award. The company has updated the classic chocolate bar, replacing oil roasted peanuts with dry roasted peanuts, revamping the packaging and removing TBHQ, a food preservative. In addition to rich caramel and smooth nougat, the chocolate bar now has a higher ratio of U.S.-sourced peanuts. Baby Ruth's wrapping also includes packaging seals to help lock in freshness.

"With so much product innovation happening across the industry, we're excited to be recognized as 2020 Product of the Year and hear the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our fans," said Silvia Borla, vice president of marketing, Ferrero Chocolate Brands, Ferrero North America. "The overall refresh perfectly exemplifies how we are creating exceptional quality products that answer consumer demand."

Trident Vibes, first introduced by Mondelez International in 2018, earned the Product of the Year Award in the Gum category. They’re available in four flavors: Tropical Beat, Ooh La Lemon, Spearmint Rush and Peppermint Wave.