Organizers for ISM, the largest trade show for sweets and snacks, have announced the top innovations displayed in this year's New Product Showcase.

The New Product Showcase has been an attraction at ISM since 2009. In total, 100 exhibitors from 33 nations took part in this year's showcase, filling 120 display windows with their 178 products. 

An independent jury of experts from the industry, trade and field of science selected the winning products. They include:

1. Dr. Karg’s Bio Lentil Snacks
Dr. Klaus Karg KG, Germany

2. Petit Melo
Confiserie Vandenbulcke, Belgium

3. Licorice Coooky
Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH, Germany 

First place went to Dr. Karg's Bio Lentil Snacks, a nutritious, plant-based snack made with lentils. It’s oven baked and comes in the flavors Sweet Fire, Toasted Pita and Wild Oriental. 

Petit Melo features a filling consisting of raspberries, hazelnuts and natural vanilla, covered in a light marshmallow foam and Belgian chocolate. 

Licorice Coooky features a crunchy, cocoa double-decker biscuit with a licorice cream filling.

The ISM Packaging Award, powered by ProSweets Cologne, was also conferred to Germany-based Froben Druck GmbH & Co. KG  for labels made of grass paper. 

These grass paper labels are more sustainable and eco-friendly than paper derived from wood. Production requires a fraction of the energy, water and chemicals.