Loacker, a South Tyrolean family-run company that specializes in the productions of wafer and chocolates, showcased new flavors at this year’s ISM, including new Matcha-Green tea wafers.

The company describes it as featuring, “Three mouth-watering layers of Matcha cream filling produced using refined and selected, finely ground Japanese green tea leaves, enclosed between four light and crispy wafers.”

And the cream makes up to 74 percent of the product.

It’s a very on-trend flavor and the resulting wafer is a very balanced and sophisticated sweetness.

The new Loacker Speciality Matcha-Green Tea are available in the 37.5-g and the Minis 10-g format. The Loacker Quadratini Matcha - Green Tea can be purchased as 110-g and 220-g packages.

Loacker also launched its new Double Choc wafer, which features layers of crispy cocoa wafers alternated with a delicious cocoa and chocolate cream filling. The wafer product is available in the Classic and Quadratini format

Specifically, it’s available in the following formats: Classic 45 g, 90 g, and 175 g; and Quadratini, 125 g and 250 g.

During the show, the company also launched Tortina Triple Dark, which features two light and crispy cocoa wafers with a smooth cocoa-cream heart, wrapped in a 60 percent dark chocolate covering.

Tortina Triple Dark is a welcome addition to the traditional flavors Original, Dark, and White, and can be purchased as a 125g package (6 individual 21g Tortinas) and 63g (3 individual 21g Tortinas).

Every Tortina Triple Dark also is wrapped in a special packaging which guarantees 100 percent protection from humidity and keeps the product deliciously fresh and crispy for up to 14 months.