Barry Callebaut Group, a North American specialty products business, has acquired the assets of American Almond Products Co., Inc. The deal will officially go into effect Aug. 1.


Known for their high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, Barry Callebaut has signed an agreement to acquire the customer portfolio, brands, recipes, and manufacturing equipment from nut products manufacturer American Almond Products Co., Inc.


“American Almond’s business fits perfectly with our overall strategy to further strengthen our market position in adjacent ingredients products for both our Gourmet & Specialties and Food

Manufacturers Products business,” says Dave Johnson, CEO and president Americas, Barry Callebaut Group “The acquired business will significantly broaden our product portfolio and open up attractive new growth opportunities as it complements our chocolate and cocoa product offerings.”


American Almond is known for its  artisanal nut-based ingredients and the company has a

production facility in Brooklyn, New York. They produce a variety of high quality

products focusing on professional customers in the chocolate confectionery, pastry,

bakery, ice cream and beverages markets.


American Almond manufactures about 2,000 tons of nut specialties a year, and in 2014, the company generated about $15.9 million in sales revenue.


In a similar step, the Barry Callebaut Group acquired Spanish company la Morella nuts early 2012.


“We are thrilled with the enormous growth opportunity for American Almond and for our customers as we become a strategic part of the Barry Callebaut Group and take full advantage of the many new product development, sales and distribution resources they have,” says Vic Frumolt, president and ceo, American Almond Products Co., Inc.

The two parties have agreed not to disclose any further details on the transaction.