Hosokawa Bepex

PMCA Previews

When choosing an internationally powerful technology partner for your confectionery or bakery production, Hosokawa Bepex remains at your disposal as an experienced manufacturer of machines and integrated systems.

Hosokawa Bepex, comprising of the three brands — Ter Braak, Bepex-Hutt and Kreuter  — demonstrates complete competency in mass preparation, pre-cooking, forming, cutting and depositing and in addition enrobing and final cooling.

We provide innovative and customized solutions for confectionery, bakery and other food as well as for non-food applications. Equipment and production lines for any type of products can be designed and supplied, starting from raw material handling up to the desired finished product.

In our test center we can demonstrate entire processes, including Ter Braak cooking, Bepex-Hutt forming and cutting as well as Kreuter enrobing, tempering and cooling technology to our customers.

In January 2015 we presented our new Chocoat Quick Mass Changeover System. This new development design operates on the concept that the machine is divided in a wetted product, lower machine body and the roof section. In case of a mass changeover, the lower machine body is removed from the line and replaced by a second one, which contains the new mass type. This ensures that all product wetted parts are positively removed from the line and that no cleaning is required when changing from one mass to the other.

A mass changeover (e.g. from dark chocolate to white chocolate) will take about 35 minutes from the stop of the production to the start of the production with the new enrobing mass.


For more information, visit www.hosokawa-bepex.com or stop by booth 12