PMCA Previews

Chocotech’s Ecograv, which was initially introduced at Interpack, came about as a result of extensive scientific research and rigorous testing. It provides a simple solution that’s exceptionally effective in optimizing energy savings in the confectionery industry.

It consists of a gravimetric weighing unit for sugar (or sugar-free) and glucose with an integrated dissolver. The unit uses the water content of the glucose to enable a stable and clear solution at up to 90 percent dry solids to be metered to the cooker without adding water to the premix. This is an impressive increase in dry solid feeding compared to the conventional industry practice of metering 78 – 80 percent dry solids to the cooker, resulting in steam savings of up to 50 percent for hard candy masses.

The Ecograv is designed in different executions, ranging from a 50 kg/hr lab size unit up to a high-end system for throughputs of 4,000 kg/hr. The unit is not only designed for hard candy but is also ideal for chewy candy, sugar solution in aerated candy bars and fondants.

Since Interpack 2011, Chocotec has sold a substantial number of units around the world. Moreover, because of increased demand, the company has added 3,000 sq. meters of production space to its facility in Wernigerode, Germany, which went into service at the end of January 2014.

In addition, Chocotech recently partnered up with a worldwide expert on candy forming, Euromec of Italy. As a result, a new Euromec-owned, complete hard candy forming line — including final product cooling — has been commissioned in Chocotech’s 600-sq-meter, stae-of-the-art Confectionery Lab. This allows customers to carry out a wide variety of product trials for throughputs of up to 1.000 kg/hr.

Medicated hard candies and jellies (gummies) have become an increasing part of the company’s business, providing it with some impressive multi-national references. As a result, Chocotech is experienced with IQ, OQ & PQ documentation for pharmaceutical applications.


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