Holiday Caramels
Kohler Co., Kohler, Wis.
(800) 778-5591

It’s holiday season at Kohler Co.

These new caramel flavors evoke winter traditions with a local Wisconsin flair. The Holiday Caramels line includes sea salt caramel, golden caramel, ginger snap caramel and almond green caramel, each covered in a creamy chocolate shell.

“Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve learned that true holiday traditions will carry on from generation to generation – many of which include food and drink,” KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates chocolatier Anette Righi DeFendi says. “My fondest seasonal memory is watching my grandparents and parents enjoy dessert cocktails made with amaretto liqueur paired with our family’s homemade Italian pizzelle waffle cookies. This sweet pairing celebrates the warming flavors of almond, which I’ve recreated in the almond green caramel.”

Each piece is airbrushed with either silver, gold, red or green shimmering hues to add to the festive look of the candies. They will be sold in a variety of gift sizes starting October 23 through the holiday season.

Ingredients: Heavy cream, granulated cane sugar, milk chocolate, butter, glucose, brown sugar, 55% chocolate, 61% chocolate, molasses, cocoa butter, sea salt, soy lecithin, ground vanilla, natural almond extract, pumpkin pie spice.

S.R.P.: (4-piece package) $9.99; (9-piece package) $18.99; (32-piece package) $59.99