R.M. Palmer Valentine’s Day Collection
R.M. Palmer, West Reading, Pa.
(610) 372-8971

R.M. Palmer is debuting several new items for the Valentine’s Day 2015, including:

Chocolate for kids

4.5-oz. Mine Bar (S.R.P.:  $1)

A delicious, solid milk chocolate-flavored bar is pouched in an eye-catching red and black design. The art shows how the consumer can share it with a special Valentine while keeping the larger part for themselves — a fun way to share a laugh!

Chocolate for kids

3-oz. Big Puppy Pops (S.R.P.: $1)

Four adorable Puppies are ready to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Each pop  shows off one of four eager puppies made of decorated Double Crisp. They are enclosed in a clear pouch and packed into a colorful PDQ.

Chocolate for kids

You’re A-mazeing Card (S.R.P.: $1)

This is a unique Valentine card and sweet, making it perfect for your favorite Valentine.  On the front is a moulded maze game that they can really play with the enclosed candy piece.  There are two card designs to choose from.

Chocolate for kids

I Heart U Gift Box (S.R.P.: $1)

These delicious solid moulds say “I “Heart” U” and are packed in a beautiful red box.   Each has the center “Heart” decorated in a white coating to make it pop!  They are packed in a colorful PDQ.

Chocolate for kids

Cherry Hearts (S.R.P.: $1) and  Bulk Cherry Hearts ($4/lb.)

These delicious cherry-filled hearts are wrapped in red foils with the flavor written right on the foil.  The chocolaty shell is filled with a sweet and sassy cherry-flavored center.

Ingredients: N/A

 S.R.P.: See above