Aasted: Green Innovation

Mads Hedstrøm, chief sales officer

It has been three years since the merger between A. E. Nielsen and Aasted-Mikroverk. Three years  that have been pivotal for the company’s ongoing innovation, new developments and expansion. As a result, Aasted has maintained its position as world-class supplier within the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industries.

“Through innovative thinking we wish to keep developing new technology and machinery for our customers – as evidenced by our energy concept,” says Mads Hedstrøm, cso. “It’s not just ‘going green’ innovation, but the desire to produce better quality chocolate,” he adds.

With the SuperNova Energy Temperer, time and shear are essential to create the many small stable Beta 5 crystals that allow dense crystal structures to form for slower fat migration. Furthermore, the machine fully tempers one-third of the mass by allotting extra time and shear and then re-circulating that mass to the remaining two-thirds. The Energy Enrober operates by direct injections of the tempered chocolate mass from the tempering machine to the consumption flow. As a result,  Aasted ensures homogeneous tempered mass, and a constant tempering index and temperature in the enrober.   

When the SuperNova Energy Temperer is used in tandem with the Energy Enrober, the results are unmistakable: “Not only have we seen savings ranging between 50 to 80 percent when compared to traditional tempering and enrobing units, but we’re even producing better chocolate with a higher gloss and crispier snap,” Hedstrøm says.

Aasted is committed to developing new inventions, but also committed to continuously improving its Technology Center. Here Aasted’s customers as well as technicians have the opportunity to test and develop products on an industrial scale. Furthermore the company has now established four regional offices: Turkey, UK, Germany and the United States, overseen by regional managers.

“We wish to keep developing and expanding our business,” the company’s chief sales officer says. “This way we have opportunity to provide the best partnership as well as the best service to our customers worldwide.”

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