Bosch Packaging Technology, based in Waiblingen, Germany, is one of the leading suppliers in the field of processing and packaging technology. The company’s facility in Viersen, Germany, specializes in confectionery processing and packaging, and is the home of well-known product brands such as Hansella, Makat andTogum. Together with others in the Bosch family, these brands bring more than 90 years of tradition and expertise to the production and packaging of confectionery products. 

Bosch’s site in Viersen focuses on three key areas: confectionery processing, confectionery packaging, and filling and capping.


Confectionery processing

The Viersen site develops processing equipment for the confectionery industry. This includes machine and plant technology for the mass production of a variety of confectionery items such as hard and soft candy, gum and jelly, toffee, medicated confectionery products, chocolate bars, fruit and cereal bars, as well as energy and protein bars. Bosch delivers individual machines and complete production lines that are designed to enhance flexibility, ease of use, resource savings, and efficiency.


Confectionery packaging

Developing new packaging technologies in the confectionery sector is a core focus of the Viersen site. Bosch supports its customers by ensuring that packaging will not only protect confectionery products, but also prove visually appealing at the point of sale. Bosch’s packaging machines produce a large variety of pack styles including double twist wrap, single-end fold, basket fold and horizontal bags. The packaging machines produced in Viersen feature a modular design to enable a high degree of flexibility.


Filling and capping

For more than 20 years, Bosch’s site in Viersen has developed and refined filling and capping technologies for cosmetics, oral pharmaceuticals and liquid foods. Today Bosch’s filling and capping equipment is designed to provide manufacturers with high efficiency, fast changeovers, and optimized product paths for gentle product handling, which maintains quality. Additionally, Bosch’s machines offer time-savings thanks to intelligent inline cleaning systems and a new, user-friendly control concept that can adapt the machines to different product sizes at the touch of a button.


Research and Development

Bosch’s Viersen site is also the home of the “Technikum” confectionery innovation lab, where customers can test new products, methods, production and packaging machines. This state-of-the-art facility allows Bosch to develop new product and machine concepts in partnership with customers.


Bosch’s Packaging Technology division develops and manufactures complete solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and confectionery industries in more than 15 countries worldwide. In addition, the global Bosch sales and service network provides local contacts for all customer support needs.


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