Moguls and starch moulding equipment have been available to the industry for more than a century, in various shapes and sizes, from its humble beginnings to today’s technology. However, what has not changed is that this equipment remains the most flexible and productive engineered equipment for confectionery processing, especially in today’s marketplace.

What has changed rapidly over the last decade is the technology and how a modern mogul in the 21st century operates today. Fast Track Engineering (FTE) has integrated the latest development in technology into its equipment.

The equipment available from FTE comes equipped with the latest technology in the marketplace: servo motors applied with the minimum of mechanical linkages, thus  guaranteeing product integrity; simplicity; accessibility; and maximizing maintenance-free operation for the end user. 

FTE has available three types of moguls. The FAM type mogul is the most flexible machine available on the market, with a tray speed of up to 32 trays per minute in production, using halftray pumps, which will allow the operator to change from one product to the next product in the least amount of time. The cost of half-tray pumps is obviously cheaper compared to full tray pumps. In addition, nozzle plates can be easily changed by one person. Moreover, nozzle plates for half-tray pumps are obviously cheaper, which affects repair cost and maintenance of the pumping equipment.

The SCM type mogul is the fastest machine available on the market, with a tray speed of up to 36 trays per minute in production (if not many product changes are necessary) during an eight-hour production run. T his machine can outperform any other mogul available. The depositor has the least number of moving parts and therefore can be considered an advantage in regards to maintenance cost and ease of operation.

The FAM-OD type mogul is a special machine designed and manufactured to operate in conjunction with a chocolate enrobing line. The product is discharged from the demoulding section in orderly formation; the machine has a tray speed of up to 22 trays per minute.

FastTrack Engineering can provide all the equipment necessary to operate a mogul line designed and manufactured for the 21st century, including a starch conditioning system, a pallet transportation system including fully computer-controlled drying rooms and product finishing equipment like a sugar sanding line and oiling equipment.

FTE also has developed a fully computer-controlled pallet transport system including fully automated drying rooms, which has the capabilities to reduce the curing time of starch-based products by up to 45%, compared to similar systems in existence by using the energy created within the air handling unit and drying rooms.



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