Black Cow, Slo Poke and Sophie Mae have a new owner.

Atkinson Candy Co. is purchasing the three candy brands from Laco Inc., a partner of the Warrell Corporation, for an undisclosed amount.

“We are proud to bring these three great items into our ever growing house of classic candy brands,” says Eric Atkinson, Atkinson Candy Co.’s president.

He adds that the Sophie Mae brand gives the company a unique opportunity to expand its peanut brittle business.

Atkinson, says this acquisition allows the company to expand its presence in the classic confections market and interact more with family-owned businesses.

The company will have exclusive rights on marketing and sales of the newly-acquired brands, but manufacturing is still in discussion. During the transition, Atkinson Candy Co. and the Warrell Corporation will utilize both companies’ manufacturing facilities in Lufkin, Texas and York, P.A., respectively.