At the Pack Expo, Caotech will be pleased to discuss the latest developments on cocoa, chocolate and compound processing. The company will be co-exhibiting in cooperation with our local representative, the American Chocolate Mould Co.

Drawing upon years of expertise in conjunction with its extensive field experience, the company recently launched a number of developments in the field of cocoa, chocolate and compound applications.

Traditionally Caotech’s scope of supply covers a wide variety of installations, varying from a small lab size ball mill type CAO B5 to the well-known CAO B2000-CHOC batch installation. The company also offers the CAO 3000 as a component in a continuous production line for both cocoa and chocolate in complete turnkey projects.

Recently Caotech has developed an alternative continuous conching unit to be used as a wet conching system. This CWC 2000 (Continuous Wet Conche) can be placed behind traditional conches for final homogenization and conching, as well behind ball mill systems for obtaining a high quality chocolate.

At the Pack Exp, the CAO B5 laboratory ball mill refiner will be on display.

For more information, visit or stop by booth S-1591.