choc2Spreadable Chocolate. We perked our ears up at the 2011 National Restaurant Association Show when we heard the representative from Nutella tell a group of industry leaders that they planned to spend heavily in U.S. advertising over the next few years. He told the group that Nutella was a brand known all over Europe, but not so much in the States, and they were ready to change that. Given the rise in similar products and the fact that we no longer hear, “What’s Nutella?” we’ll call their plan a success. With memories of a trip many years ago where breakfast was served with a side of Nutella, let’s just say it’s about time. This versatile, spreadable form of chocolate—now available from specialty chocolate makers such as Askinosie, as well as from JIF, Cadbury and other companies—is easy to use, flavorful, and considered akin to peanut butter in its versatility.