Blommer Chocolate’s Rainforest Alliance Certified Yorktown Dark Chocolate with a non-vintage J. Bookwalter “Subplot 25” Red Winebloom1

Rainforest Alliance Certified Yorktown Dark ChocolateThis is a well-rounded dark chocolate made from select cocoa beans for a unique chocolate intensity.

Blommer Chocolate’s Rose Potts’ Chocolate Notes:  Slight brown fruit notes with a moderate chocolate intensity.

NV J. Bookwalter  Subplot 25 Red Wine, Columbia Valley, Washington:  “Subplot is a complex wine that offers aromatics of plums, red and black berries, vanilla, cinnamon, and subtle nuances of graphite. The wine enters the palate sweet and has a full-bodied mid-palate.  Flavors abound: dates, figs, plums, red and black cherries, dashes of cocoa and sweet spices lend themselves to the wine. A long finish complemented by natural sweetness and acidity make this wine incredibly complex.

 Candy Industry:  Smooth upon smooth. The RA-certified Yorktown Dark integrates flavor with finesse. That duet complements J. Bookwalter’s Subplot 25 in a seamless glide. Its initial sweetness — reminiscent of tree fruits — dances with the chocolate’s own complex blend of beans and flavor-forward sweetness. For some, the pairing might be too complementary; a darker, semi-sweet chocolate such as the RA-certified Organic 72% Dark Chocolate also provides an interesting counterpoint to this wonderfully drinkable red.