nestle confectioneryThe title of Nestlé’s latest marketing campaign in the United Kingdom sounds a little more like a spy movie title than a candy promotion.

“We’ll find you” offers shoppers a chance to win £10,000 if the candy they buy is one of six candy bars with a GPS tracking device in them.

When the winner pulls the tab, it notifies the prize team, who then tracks down the winner within 24 hours presenting them with the prize money.

In all, the company is planning to give away  £100,000, and the rest of the cash prizes will be won online.

KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium and Yorkie are all included in the promotion, which will last until Sept. 3.

Nestlé says the campaign is particularly designed to attract men to the chocolate singles category. All three brands already are popular overall and with men in particular, and the promotion is expected to drive even more shopper interest.

The company is also planning a £4-million media campaign to promote the contest, which includes television, Video on Demand, radio, CTN 6 Sheet posters and online advertising.

“Nestlé Confectionery is delighted to be first to market with this highly innovative GPS-based promotion,” says Graham Walker, a Nestlé spokesman in the UK.