Warheads Sour Twists
Impact Confections, Denver, Colo.
(303) 626-2222
Booth 1307

Sour Twists is a three-color, three-flavor extruded chewy candy that is twisted together that can be eaten as one, or can be untwisted to savor each flavor individually. With a fruity center and sour exterior, Sour Twists offer a unique candy experience.  Each package is made up of twists in green apple, lemon, and watermelon flavors. Warheads Sour Coolers, which are sour-pressed dextose tablets; and Warheads Sour Dippers, a dip-and-lick candy, also will be featured at the show

 S.R.P. (2-oz. pack Sour Twists) $1 

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