Arch West, the inventor of the Doritos Corn Chip, died Sept. 20 at a hospital in Dallas at 97 years old.

The inventor won’t leave without one last brush with his famous product though- literally. The Washington Post reports that the family plans to brush his grave with a layer of Doritos at a memorial services.

West is credited with taking this product from conception all the way to market.

Frito Lay did not issue a formal statement, but in an e-mail, a representative says, “We join you in offering his friends and family heartfelt condolences. We appreciate his leadership within Frito-Lay.”

West was born in Indianapolis on Sept. 8, 1914 and graduated from Franklin College. He also served as a lieutenant in the Navy in WW2, worked on Madison Ave in New York City; and was recruited to Texas to work as marketing vice president for the Frito-Lay company.

After retirement, he and wife Charlotte volunteered on FEMA's disaster relief team. West also was a founding member of Ridgeview Presbyterian church and served on various Boards of Directors.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Charlotte F. West and is survived by sons Jack, Greg and Dick, daughter Jana Hacker and Barbara as well as 12 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.