Alain Martinet, president of Marfood USA (left), shakes hands with James Martin, Gleaners Community Food Bank's distribution manager (right), as the Gleaners truck is loaded with $25,000 in donated Pemmican Beef Jerky.

Marfood USA, Inc. has announced that it donated more than $25,000 inPemmican Beef Jerky to Feeding America member Gleaners Community Food Bank in Taylor, Mich.

On April 1, to launch the new Web site, Marfood USA gave away a free bag ofPemmican Beef Jerky every minute to consumers plus five bags per minute to Feeding America, the largest food bank system in the United States.

Marfood USA President Alain Martinet says he is proud his company is able to deliver on a promise that will help those in need, especially in Marfood USA’s local community.

“People often refer to it as a snack, butPemmican Beef Jerky is more about providing pure sustenance and energy to get you through the day,” Martinet says. “Protein is an important part of our overall diet, and even more important for those in need. Beef Jerky is a hearty food:  low in fat and high in protein. We’re proud to be able to provide this type of product.”

W. DeWayne Wells, president of Gleaners Community Food Bank, notes that he is grateful Marfood USA sought out his organization to be the recipient of this plentiful contribution.

“We truly appreciate this thoughtful and generous donation of beef jerky,” Wells says. “It is only through the generosity of donors like Marfood USA that we are able to meet the emergency food needs of children, seniors and families. We are very grateful to Marfood USA for responding to the needs of the community in this way.”

As one of the oldest and largest food banks in the United States, Gleaners Community Food Bank's mission has been to collect and distribute millions of pounds of emergency food each year for hungry children, families and seniors in southeastern Michigan. For more than a quarter of a century it has been "nourishing communities by feeding hungry people.” Since 1977, Gleaners Community Food Bank has grown from distributing just 1 or 2 million lbs. of food per year to more than 30.8 million lbs. to 467 partner soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and schools -- equivalent to more than 66,000 meals per day. For more information,

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