My Idolpops has joined forces with Paramount and Sony Pictures to promote up-and-coming animated feature films.  

The Los Angeles, Calif-based creator of premium, custom-designed lollipops will make confections that promote key characters, such as Paramount’s “Rango” staring the voice of Johnny Depp, slated to be released March 2011, as well as  Sony’s “Smurfs,” a 3D movie slated to be released in August 2011, says My Idolpops. 

Each individual product of My Idolpops is manufactured like a piece of art, using proprietary hand-carved moulds designed for each license. The product takes the actual shape of the brand, character or logo it is designed to represent.  

For example, with its Ford Motor Co. licensed products, lollipops exhibit the details of the Ford Mustang and F-150 truck series. With its Paws, Inc. license, the lollipops are shaped like the actual Garfield character.  

The products are available in more than 70 flavors, ranging from classics like cherry and cotton candy to more adventurous flavors like mocha cappuccino and champagne.  

My Idolpops also has licensing with the University of Southern California and Michigan State University to make football helmet lollipops with the respective universities’ logos embossed on the lollipop. The company also offers a variety of mixed sports lollipops for sports enthusiasts of any age.  

For more information about My Idolpops, please visit: Buyers can also call (877) 506-1855 for volume pricing.   - C.L.