Photo courtesy of National Starch

The so-called “Candy School” at the University of Wisconsin at Madison is under new leadership.
Formerly headed by the National Confectioners Association (NCA), the Residence Course in Confectionery Technology now will be organized by a newly formed Confection Education Advisory Board, says Patrick Huffman, the board’s coordinator and president of Warrell Corp.
The Board still will include representation from the NCA, but also will include the American Association of Candy Technologists, the PMCA and the Retail Confectioners International. They will work in conjunction with Richard Hartel and the Food Science Department of the University of Wisconsin at Madison to offer the course.
Huffman said the change is a result of the NCA evolving its focus as part of a new strategic plan.
“They could not devote all the resources,” he explains.
This summer’s course is scheduled to be offered as planned, but the board is seeking donations.
Huffman said so far they have raised $45,000 in pledges through industry associations and companies. However, they are seeking more money so they can provide one additional university staff member as well as add equipment to improve the “hands-on” portion of the curriculum.
The Candy School started 48 years and is held annually each summer. It’s a survey course that teaches the science and techniques of candy making.
For more information or to donate, contact Patrick Huffman, the advisory board coordinator, at 717-920-5941 or