Despite a fire erupting in one of its factories last week, Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), says that its Netherlands facility will be fully operational by the end of next month.   

“After having completed a preliminary assessment of the incident’s impact on our production capabilities, we anticipate that the site will be fully operational by the end of February,” says Sara Vermeulen, the director of European Marketing and Communications for ADM   

An explosion in one of the cocoa processing plants at Koog aan de Zaan north of Amsterdam affected one production line.   

“We are still assessing the impact on production [in that area],” spokeswoman Elissa Igleheart told Reuters.   

Other areas, however, were not involved in the incident and are still operational.   “As the distribution center and warehouse were not affected, we continue to ship finished products that have already been produced,” says Vermeulen. “We are also exploring other production options through our network of processing facilities in order to meet our customers’ needs.”   

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