eatwhatever, New York, N.Y.

According to eatwhatever, there are just “2 steps to kissable breath.” Step 1: After meals, swallow two or threeEatWhatever gel caps with water. Step 2: Suck on anEatWhatever mint. The caps contain organic peppermint and parsley seed oils, which work from the inside to make your breath fresh and your tummy calm. Meanwhile, the mint gives you “instant minty breath while you wait for those gel caps to do their thing.” To ensure kissable breaths among all,Eatwhatever is both gluten- and sugar-free as well as vegan.
Ingredients (gel cap): Organic sunflower oil, organic peppermint oil, parsley oil, purified water, starch, glycerin, artificial colors. (mint): Sorbitol, calcium stearate, natural and artificial flavors, acesulgame potassium.
S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99