Chocotech, part of the Sollich Group of companies, will have at its booth the Candy Division’s complete production program, which includes equipment for manufacturing jellies, fondants, chewies, caramels, fudge, croquants and hard candies as well as barline kitchens and units designed to produce aerated masses. 

The Jellymaster is perfect for the efficient production of jelly products. One of the most important factors is consistent viscosity, especially for one-shot products, which are becoming more and more favored in the market place. Chocotech will also have on display the Jellymix unit, which is a gravimetric weighing and feeding system to deal with up to eight different colors and flavors. The system can also handle aerated foam, which can be seen in a wide variety of products on the market. Volumetric metering will also be on display.

NEW: The Chewmaster
The Chewmaster has been further developed to include an additional crystallizer. For the first time, operators can achieve defined continuous crystallization, independent of the sugar glucose (corn syrup) ratio. As a result, products do not show later show any signs  “cold flow.”    

NEW: Caramel
Batch and continuous caramel cookers such as Carastar, YPP and Sucrofilm will be on display. The recently developed Sucrofilm 1500 can handle more than 2,000 kgs/hr (4,400 lbs/hr) of caramel, depending on the recipe, with a turndown rate of well over 50%. All Sucrofilm cookers now include a direct drive, doing away with belt and chain drives, minimizing maintenance. The newly developed Caraflex allows caramel masses with a color spectrum from milk-white to dark brown to be manufactured and already has shown great potential on the market place.  

Very fine grained fondants to coarser fudges can be made on the Micron. The exact pre-conditioning of the mass before beating allows for very precise crystallization, resulting in controllable mass fineness and distribution. Precise temperature control of the mass discharge temperature for next step processing is also part of the system. The newly developed, PLC-controlled water tempering units, with Clean-in-Place (CIP) capability, cap this closed hygienically designed system.

The company has a production line for the continuous manufacturing of croquants and related products such as halwa.  

NEW: Process Control
Recently engineered improvements include the automatic adaption of control parameters to deal with varying atmospheric pressures. Such inline viscosity control ensures a consistent mass quality.  

On display will be exhibits demonstrating complete and partial Clean-in-Place (CIP) solutions to suit different hygienic requirements and to match customer processes and products.    

NEW: Processing of Rework
Every manufacturing line produces rework in some form or another and the just-in-time processing of rework is becoming more and more important. In doing this, large amounts of money can be saved by using rework. Chocotech’s well-designed rework solution takes into account collecting rework from controlled line purging during start up.   

NEW: Energy Efficiency
A large amount of energy is required during cooking to vaporize the process water out of the batch. With the new Ecograv, Chocotech can now achieve batches of much dryer solids prior to cooking. This can result in large energy savings compared to other systems, which can substantially lower the yearly energy bill.

NEW: Lab Equipment 
On display will be a Princess candy batch lab cooker, ideal for recipe development and all types of lab work. The unit has now an additional bowl attachment for aerating frappes, marshmallow and nougats. The Sucrofilm/Sucromaster for continuous manufacturing of hard and soft candies will also be on display in combination with the new lab-sized Sucrotwist for jellies.    

The Chocolate Division will show the following:  

A fully functioning FrozenShell line with a Pralimat depositor and a Tornado aerator for fillings will be demonstrated continuously throughout the show.

The popular Glossmaster enrober with its wheel-in-wheel-out mass trough will be shown in two operating modes.  

NEW: Forming
The Chocoform PSL drop line designed to manufacture chocolate centers such as lentils, balls and eggs that are eventually panned, will feature a new design. This allows an easy exchange of the drop rolls, which facilitates a quick changeover (30 minutes) in product shape, such as from lentil to egg shape.

Last but not least.
Visitors to the booth will see the company’s Tornado unit for continuous aeration and Turbowhip for batch aerating.  In addition, the ever popular, best-selling, universal batch cooker type Carastar, will also be on hand for inspection.  

A forming line for hard candy and laminated candies type, Sucroform-W and a chain forming system for filled and unfilled hard and chewy candies type, Sucrofrom-K,  together with the universal static cooker type Sucrotwist and the sugar melter and continuous brittle cooker type Sucrocrunch, complete the list of equipment and lines on display at interpack.  

At interpack, stop by booth A07/B08, Hall 3.  

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The Chocotech Candy Kitchen:  AUTOGRAV / SUCROFILM / CARAFLEX    

The design of today’s modern kitchen technology should not only guarantee a good product, but also allow maximum continuous run times encompassing a 24/6 work week, even with caramel or fudge recipes, before CIP (Cleaning In Place) is required. Hygienic design and maintenance friendly features (Chocoteech Service Information System, SIS) are also key factures in minimizing downtime. Well-thought out fully automatic CIP loops, using dairy-type non mix valves, allow part of the system to undergo CIP while the other part continues in production mode.

A full CIP of the complete kitchen in one step is also possible depending on customer philosophy. Advanced process controls should allow startup procedures and unscheduled stops due to down steam problems to be controlled safely and efficiently, allowing full product reclaim to be achieved in an inline process. This avoids the requirement to store large amounts of rework, which have to be processed separately.

Another important factor of advanced process control is compensating for varying atmospheric pressures. which -- in turn -- guarantees a more consistent product. All these and more are part of Chocotech’s kitchen, which manufactures up to 3.800 kgs/hr of product on continuou,s multi-shift production runs.  

At interpack, stop by booth A07/B08, Hall 3 at interpack  

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