Ted Cohen

Ted CohenTed Cohen
Hillside Candy
Hillside, N.J.

Ted Cohen has devoted his entire working career to the candy business, but he originally intended to be part of the third generation in his family’s industrial uniform business started by his grandfather in 1928.  Raised in New Jersey, Cohen spent his summers and vacations driving truck routes and learning the uniform business. He graduated from Boston University with a BS/BA in business management. 

Upon graduation, Cohen joined Myron Fisher as the second full-time employee in a small operation producing a sugar-based hard candy product. And in 1983, he and Fisher developed a sugar-free hard candy that led to the founding of the GoLightly and GoOrganic brands.

Cohen also has lobbied in front of an FDA panel for proper ingredients statements for the sugar-free industry. And he, along with Michael Rainy, founded the CMC (Candy Marketing Coalition). He also helped found the International Steering Committee for the NCA.

He was instrumental in developing the Young Executives Group for the NCWA and served on its board for many years. Cohen also helped found the Broker Advisory Committee for the NCA and served as a mentor for the YPN. Additionally, he has served on the NCA Board for several years. 

Cohen also launched a Community Service day for Hillside Candy and served as an advisor for the local bank Union Center National Bank.

Ted enjoys golf, bridge, trap and skeet shooting, cooking and loves to travel the world as often as possible with his wife, Lisa Shapiro. Ted and Lisa are very proud of their two sons, Jordan and Justin.