To paraphrase the Eagles, Welcome to the “Hotel Chocolate.” Such a lovely place, such a lovely place. recently offered a delectable overnight stay in a custom-built cottage made entirely from approximately 1.5 tons of chocolate — including its walls, roof, fireplace, bookcase and duck pond, according to information on the website.

“Designed and manufactured by renowned artisan chocolatier, Jean-Luc Decluzeau, this 18-sq.-mt. chocolate cottage, which will be located inside the Musee de Sevres, can accommodate up to four guests for a decadent and cosy night’s stay that will make guests feel right at Home Sweet Home!” the hotel description reads.

And guests are even offered a workshop dedicated to the creation of personalized mini chocolate homes led by Jean-Luc himself. And they also get dinner and breakfast served in the cottage’s charming flower garden.

“They will also be treated to a delicious dinner and breakfast, served in the cottage’s charming flower garden,” the description continues. “So don’t miss out on this unique experience!

Only two nights were available though and it looks like they were both already booked, so unfortunately you have likely missed your chance to stay at this particular cottage.

I can’t imagine falling asleep surrounded by chocolate walls anyway though, and the fine print says there’s no bathroom in the cottage — just one nearby. And anyway, you’re also not allowed to eat any part of the house, but it does say lots of chocolate snacks are served.

It’s a really cool concept, but it sounds like it would be rough night in practice. If it’s warm, you could end up coated like candy bar in the morning.

But hey, maybe you’re into that kind of thing.