According to a survey by OnePoll, which was sponsored by Storck US, nearly 63 percent of Americans say they don’t show appreciation because they simply forget or their mind is focused on other things. Given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m thinking most of us will remember to give and say thanks.
Nonetheless, I have to give the folks at Storck US credit for once again touting the power of appreciation in their “Who would you like to thank” campaign using its brand, merci. In referencing the survey, Storck US has designated its merci brand as the perfect way to remind and inspire Americans to share more heartfelt gratitude each and every day.
“Now more than ever, the world could use a little more gratitude, and at merci we believe in the power of the simple, everyday thank you,” says Kelly Cook, Storck US’s v.p. of marketing. “From friends and parents to coaches and co-workers, the patchwork of people that make an impact on our everyday lives is made up of individuals that each deserve to be celebrated.”
Given that the French word “merci” means thank you, the campaign is a natural. Not that this hasn’t been done before. Gifting with chocolate or candies has always been a major component of confectionery sales, although it’s usually been tied to seasonal or special occasions.
But as Andreas Pfluger, ceo for Lindt & Sprüngli North America, said in a Candy Industry interview more than a year ago regarding gift-giving opportunities for Russell Stover Candies, “We haven’t been exploiting the gift-giving opportunities. For example, there are birthdays to be celebrated. In addition, one can simply gift chocolates as a casual way to say thank you.”
While there may be some jaded skeptics out there harrumphing the fact that this campaign is merely a slick way of selling more candy, I think it’s important to acknowledge the universal truth there’s a need for more appreciation in this world.
And that includes us in the confectionery industry. Anyone working in this business should be thankful of being involved in such a wonderful industry. What other job provides you with immediate smiles from friends, colleagues and customers?
Yes, there are challenges, be it labor issues, government regulations, ingredient sourcing, a changing retail landscape, product development, insurance costs – the list goes on.
Nonetheless, despite all those challenges, the blessings well outnumber the concerns. So, let me lead the way in remembering to thank you readers and advertisers for indulging us with your support. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to report on and write about the goings-on in our industry.
And I encourage you all to do the same. Let’s not do it just tomorrow, but continuously. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Sweet & Healthy/Candy Industry. Thank you, dziękuję, gracias.