I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we kind of have an amazing new website.

Yes! That’s right! Now you can read all the fun Candy Industry Magazine articles you want online, via a more gorgeous and intuitive internet experience. Plus, it’s totally free! I mean, yes, it’s always been free, but free is still exciting guys.

Seriously though, our new website is kind of awesome. It features a new, clean design that’s easy to get lost in. The photos are breathtakingly big, the fonts are crisp, and even our videos are more fun to watch. 

By far, the most exciting part is that it’s completely responsive, which means it automatically adjusts to whatever screen size you're viewing it on, like magic. In other words, you can now have a wonderful CandyIndustry.com experience on everything from your iPhone 4 to that old IBM desktop screen that takes up half your desk.

Basically, we’ve thought about it a lot, and we kind of think this whole “cell phone thing” is going to be big, and so we figured we should make it easier for you to read our site on your Galaxy S5 while you’re in line for toilet paper at Walgreens.

Or, well, I, personally, think this whole “cell phone thing” is going to be big. Our Editor-in-chief Bernie Pacyniak, not so much — he still doesn’t have a cell phone, or even a beeper.

Really though, that’s the great part about our new website! Everyone from Bernie to your 8-year-old niece who got a cell phone for her birthday even though you think that is way too young to have a cell phone can now check out the latest news about the candy world on whatever device they love best.

The design also makes it easier to see which stories we’ve just posted. Everything shows up in chronological lists, so you won’t accidentally miss that incredible story about how Mondelez is using holograms in grocery stores while looking for the in-depth articles about the global state of confectionery industry.

And, if you’re the kind of person who likes categories, we’ve got great news for you too! The menu bar across the top of the desktop screen now stays with you as you scroll down the page. Or, if you’re on a smaller screen, like an iPhone, you can just click the red box at the top, called the hamburger menu, and it will drop down a list of all the exact same categories.  So now, it’s even easier to click, “New Products” and see which three new flavors Dagoba Organic Chocolates’ just came out with.

Also, in case you think you’re too cool to read our stuff online, you should know that we actually do post tons of content on CandyIndustry.com that never makes it into the print publication. There’s tons of daily news stories, blog posts from Bernie and myself, and even videos

Look, we still love and cherish our print product, obviously. But we really do think the future of media is somewhere on the internet. We just want to make sure we’re ready for a visit, whenever you’d like to stop by.

Hope to see you soon!