So, I have recently become obsessed with all things makeup (indulge me — I promise this relates back to candy).

I don’t know if you know this, but there are about three billion and one videos on YouTube about how to do your makeup, what makeup to buy, and even what makeup to never, ever even try. It’s pretty incredible. I cannot even tell how often I wish YouTube was around back when I was in high school. I can only assume that had I known how to shape my eyebrows and contour my face back then, I would have totally scored a date with that guy in my Spanish class.

Alas, I did not discover such techniques until the third decade of my life. And now that I’m here, I’m overwhelmed by all the amazing makeup products out there. If you have never been to an Ulta you need to drop everything and go there now. The stores are makeup heaven, and they sell pretty much every single shade of lipstick you could ever want and the matching lip liners to go with it. 

Crystal Lindell
Crystal Lindell

The problem is, I have no idea what I want. Which is how this relates to candy. You see, late last year one of my very best friends, Sarah, introduced me to something called an ipsy box. Basically, you pay $10 a month and then every month they send you a small makeup bag filled with premium samples of makeup.

It’s the perfect way for brands to advertise their products to people who are interested enough to spend $10 a month on makeup samples. And it’s also the perfect way for people like me to figure out which makeup products live up to the hype and which ones get all over your teeth right after you apply.

And it only make sense that candy companies could benefit from such a program as well. Imagine premium chocolate and caramel companies sending samples out to invested consumers each month. And then imagine those consumers feeling like they’re in a sort of inner circle, because they have the inside scoop on the confectionery world. Not only will they talk up the products, they’ll go out of their way to buy the products they love the most from each package.

What’s that you say? It would never work with food? There’s not enough margin?  Well, that’s wrong. A company called NatureBox is already doing it and doing it well. Although from what I can tell, the company only sends samples of its own brand of products, they deliver healthy snacks to subscribers every month. And they’re so successful that they’ve just announced plans to expand into Canada!

"After receiving countless requests from Canadian fans hungry for our snacks, it was a natural decision to begin our global journey in Canada. We are thrilled to bring Canadian consumers easier access to better options," says Gautam Gupta, co-founder and ceo of NatureBox. "Although we've always dreamed of expanding NatureBox internationally, we never imagined it would happen so soon. Our ability to undertake such a bold move is thanks to our thriving member community, who has been the driving force behind our 20X growth."

So, someone or multiple someones out there need to get on this in the confectionery industry, because I want to subscribe to a candy box already (preferably for free — I am in the press after all).

Also, if you do decide to do this, maybe you could cut me in? I mean, it was sort my idea, right?

Happy sampling!