By Crystal Lindell
Associate Editor
As a self-respected journalist, it is obviously my duty to write about the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at least once.
(Clears throat).
I mean, you know, whatever.
Anyway, so as a self-respected candy writer, I couldn’t just focus on the frivolous stuff like what dress Kate will wear, or where the couple is going on their honeymoon, or how long the marriage will last. No, no, I had to find something a little deeper to write about.
Lucky for me, it’s also the duty of every single business to celebrate the British event by tapping into a very American value - capitalism.
My favorite example is from Bazooka Candy Brands, which has created a limited edition Swarovski crystal-encrusted Ring Pop. The blue jewel is the same size and shape of the classic Ring Pop lollipop, but the design is inspired by Kate’s sapphire engagement ring.
“As the Royal Wedding was approaching, it just seemed to make a lot of sense,” explains Scott Utke, spokesman for the company.
It features a blue “sapphire” in the center, surrounded by Swarovski crystals around the bottom and the words “Limited Edition Royal Ring Pop” scrolled across the base of the clear case. Utke didn’t have a value for the candy, but he did explain that each one had cost about $50 to create.
The Ring Pop is not edible because the Swarovski crystals aren’t candy, but the center blue section is the company’s blue raspberry Ring Pop.
Ten of the limited edition pops will be given away Friday to fans of the company’s Facebook page who comment on the wedding. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the ring will come with a candy William. 

Moving along, the PEZ Co. has designed a set of dispensers representing Will and Kate. If you’re trying to track down a pair though, you’re out of luck.
The only one created was auctioned off on eBay about two weeks ago for ₤8,300, with all the proceeds going to the Starlight Charity in the UK.
Keith Whitaker, v.p. of marking and sales administration for PEZ said the company chose to only make one set because there was not enough lead time to do a full consumer roll-out. He added that the ones sold on eBay were actually hand-made.
Meanwhile, in the UK-based Swizzels Matlow debuted limited edition Love Hearts to commemorate the occasion. The white candy circles feature the outline of a purple heart and the words “Just Married” stamped into the center.
It’s not just candy that’s getting in on the sweetness of the occasion for the king- and queen-to-be though. Dunkin’ Donuts is selling heart-shaped doughnuts in honor of the wedding and Baskin-Robbins is selling Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake. The cake is made with vanilla cake, Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream and more than 30 piped white and blue English roses meant to be reminiscent of an English garden.
With all these sweet treats surrounding the wedding of a generation, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement of it all.
Also, on a final note, call me Harry. I’m totally available and willing to relocate!