Eighteen chefs will put their skills to the test during the finals for the eighth edition of the World Chocolate Masters, set for Oct. 29-31 at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

The World Chocolate Masters is a Cacao Barry initiative designed to advance creative chocolate artisanship and put new talent on the map. The competing chefs’ countries have sent their absolute best to claim the prestigious title of World Chocolate Master.

This edition’s theme is #TMRW_TASTES_LOOKS_FEELS_LIKE, challenging the chefs to bring the chocolate of tomorrow in front of an expert jury. 

“We cannot wait to see what our chefs bring,” said Ramon Morató, Cacao Barry creative director. “The competition is fierce, their skill level is extremely high and the pressure on the main stage will be immense. With the whole world watching, we’re bound to see the very best in chocolate.”

The theme focuses on TMRW. Consumer choices are shifting to foods that are healthier, are planet-friendly and offer new taste experiences without compromising on indulgence. Creativity, science and technology help chefs to evolve their offering. The contestants need to present a clear vision, tasty creations and check all TMRW’s boxes.

“Today's consumers choose to celebrate the world with one big optimistic shout-out: they live life as if the party could be over at any time,” Morató said. “They are ready and eager to impact the world and make it better for everyone – and to change it here and now. Through science, technology and design. An explosion of fresh and sustainable ideas – bold colors, flavors, textures and an unprecedented belief in the future. But what does that taste, look and feel like? That’s what our chefs are tasked with.”

All participating countries have selected their finalists after grueling qualifying rounds. Contestants and their countries include:

  • Belgium – Togo Matsuda
  • Canada – Nishant Amin
  • China – Jacky Lung
  • Finland – Eero Paulamäki (representing Nordics)
  • France – Antoine Carréric
  • Greece – Nicolas Nikolakopoulos (representing Southeast Europe)
  • Hungary – Attila Menyhárt
  • Italy – Anna Gerasi
  • Japan – Jiro Tanaka
  • Korea – Dongusk Kim
  • Morocco – Issam Tajer (representing North Africa)
  • Poland – Igor Zaritskyi
  • Spain – Lluc Crusellas
  • Switzerland – Abraham Balaguer
  • The Netherlands – Carlo Midiri
  • UAE – Dilip Kumara (representing Middle East)
  • UK – Stephen Trigg (representing UK & Ireland)
  • US – Christophe Rull

 “The level of skill in this edition is extremely high,” said Naomi Wahl, World Chocolate Masters committee chef. “We’re truly seeing the best chocolate has to offer among our contestants. Personally, I believe we’ll see some of the world’s most awe-inspiring and imaginative chocolate creations this year.”