Mattel's American Girl is introducing a historical character, Claudie Wells, whose accessories will include an era-authentic Baby Ruth candy bar.

The 18-inch Claudie doll, which features a new face mold, brown eyes and dark, shoulder-length hair styled in bouncy ringlets and a hairbow. The Claudie doll comes dressed in a blue-and-white plaid dress and knit cardigan. Among her other accessories are a heart-shaped necklace, a cloche hat and a journal.

Growing up in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood in 1922, Claudie and her family are living in a period of cultural growth that would become known as the Harlem Renaissance, the most influential movement of African American artistic and cultural expression in U.S. history.

To bring Claudie’s world to life, American Girl designers were inspired by 1920s historical publications, photographs, catalogues and other resources like The Brownies’ Book — a first-of-its-kind magazine for Black children published by W.E.B. Du Bois. Additionally, American Girl is once again collaborating with Harlem’s Fashion Row, the design agency that creates a bridge between brands and designers of color in fashion, along with top designer Samantha Black. Inspired by the era, Black designed three special-edition outfits for the line that showcase her modern take on 1920s glamour.