Wiley Wallaby is launching a limited-edition flavor, Candy Corn Drops, just in time for Halloween. 

Wiley Wallaby's Sourrageous Drops are a new way to enjoy licorice, featuring a chewy inside and a sour crunchy outside. With its latest offering, it brings together this new-school way to enjoy licorice with old-school, classic Halloween candy corn flavors.

Each drop is vegan,kosher, lower in sugar and only uses sustainable palm oils. With only 90 calories per serving (30 drops), consumers can indulge a little more on Halloween without feeling overindulgent.

“Over the last 11 years, Wiley Wallaby has delivered delicious flavors of licorice to consumers around the U.S., and we couldn’t be more thrilled to debut a limited-edition flavor that offers a new take on an old Halloween favorite,” said Jadi Anderson, director of marketing and product development at KLN Family Brands, Wiley Wallaby’s family-owned parent company.

Candy Corn Drops will be available for purchase on its website, wileywallaby.com, and in Big Lots, Ross, Winco, Bi-Mart, Jackson’s Convenience Stores, Associated Food Stores - Macey’s & Brolin’s and Wegman’s after Labor Day until they sell out.

In total, Wiley Wallaby offers more than 15 varieties of licorice and licorice candies, including organic and a recently launched gluten-free offering in early 2022.