Nassau Candy will debut its 2022 Clever Candy Christmas Collection at the Sweets & Snacks Expo.

In addition to the traditional seasonal assortment of premium chocolate bars and holiday-themed gummies, new for 2022 are confection kits specifically for the holiday season — the Elf Activity Kit and the Gingerbread House Candy Kit.  

The Elf Activity Kit is geared towards moms and dads of Generation Alpha, offering all the candy needed for 5 nights of elfish antics. Included in the kit are such fun and mischievous activities like “Santa is Watching,” “Elf Bubble Farts,” and “Reindeer Poop.”

Clever Candy’s Gingerbread House Candy Kit includes a selection of candy canes, nonpareils, dextrose candies, and gummies.

Building on the recently announced everyday packaged line, Clever Candy’s 2022 Christmas Collection packaging will feature a consistent look and feel to make seasonal merchandising simple.

“Our 2022 Clever Candy Christmas Collection is all about fun festivities while offering turnkey solutions,” said Andrew Reitman, executive president, national branded confections for Nassau Candy. “Turnkey from a merchandising perspective, with all our packaging including a consistent look and feel for impactful displays, and also turnkey for our customers’ customers, offering them ways to have ready-made fun with friends and family.”

To view the entire Clever Candy Christmas Collection, visit Nassau Candy’s Sweets & Snacks Booth #11948, or head to