This March Madness, while 68 teams compete for the coveted NCAA Championship, Reese's University will be taking to its own court. 

But the requirement for Reese’s ultimate basketball team isn't dunking, dribbling or shooting – it's the name. 

Now through March 23, Reese's University — the chocolate brand’s fictitious university — will hold tryouts for its first-ever basketball team. 

The brand is calling on Reeses, Reeces or Riesses to try out for the chance to be featured on the official Reese's University basketball roster, outfitted with customized basketball gear, and enough Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to cover the length of a basketball court.

As Reese’s explains, peanut butter ballers around the country can go to to “try out” by simply entering and explaining their connection with the name "Reese” — which can be as simple as sharing they have a first name, last name, nickname, TikTok name or even email address with a variation of "Reese." Full contest rules are available on the Reese’s U website. 

The final Reese's University Ultimate Basketball Team roster will be announced on March 31 on Reese's University's website ahead of Final Four weekend.

Reese's U is not a real university but rather it’s part of a marketing campaign created by The Hershey Co., which owns the Reese's brand. 

Launched in December 2021, The Hershey Co. said at the time that the Reese’s brand was bringing the enthusiasm for the college experience to Reese’s fans with the launch of Reese’s University.

The Reese’s University website, which is designed to look like an actual university website, boasts that the fake school is the No. 1 confection-based college sports program, and it has 113 peanut butter cup titles, 375 H.B. Reese's scholars, as well as a 99.9 percent admissions acceptance rate.