The Hershey's brand is highlighting the "SHE" at the center of its iconic milk chocolate bar to mark Women's History Month.

From daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, neighbors, mentors, coaches and co-workers, to the barista who knows your order by heart, the Hershey brand encourages consumers to take a moment to Celebrate SHE. These limited-edition "Celebrate SHE" bars are now available nationwide, while supplies last.

"We are surrounded by women and girls that inspire us every single day,” said Veronica Villasenor, vice president, U.S., The Hershey Company. “Creating this simple, but powerful and colorful change to our iconic milk chocolate bar serves as a reminder of how important they are in our lives. So grab a Hershey's bar, share one and celebrate all women and girls through a simple, and sweet, gesture."

To continue the celebration of "SHE," Hershey's is partnering with Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization with a mission focused on supporting, empowering and inspiring girls to realize their limitless potential. As part of the partnership, Hershey's is donating $150,000 to Girls on the Run.

"For over 25 years, Girls on the Run has inspired girls and women to be confident and resilient while finding strength in connection with one another," said Elizabeth Kunz, CEO of Girls on the Run. "We are proud to partner with Hershey's Celebrate SHE campaign to shine a light on all the amazing SHEs in our lives.”

In addition to the work the Hershey's brand is doing through Celebrate SHE, The Hershey Company is on a journey of celebrating and investing in women in the workplace and communities. Named No. 1 on the World's Top Female-Friendly Companies list by Forbes in 2021, The Hershey Company is among only a handful of Fortune 500 companies led by women. 

Hershey is committed to equal pay, career development and supporting impactful non-profit partners among other initiatives to support women.