Loacker has revealed accelerated sustainability plans for 2022 and beyond, including achieving the goal of 100 percent sustainable cocoa by 2025. 

For more than 95 years, the family-owned company in the heart of the Italian Alps has committed to using premier, pure ingredients, while also striving to do the right thing as a business community member.

"As a company, we've prioritized the finest ingredients and cared for the world around us and for each other for nearly a century," said TJ Rooney, president, Loacker USA. "With the start of a new year, we recognize that the need for sustainable products and practices is more critical than ever, which is why we will continue to go above and beyond with every product and decision we make."

Loacker strives to hold its products to the highest quality standard. This includes using sustainably sourced raw materials and processing products with no artificial additives.

As part of Loacker's intensified commitment to the quality and traceability of its raw materials and its sustainability practices, it recently earned Non-GMO Project Verification for its Quadratini and Classic product lines. 

In addition, Loacker announces it pledges to:

  • Engage 600 acres in fertilizer optimization by 2022
  • Source 100% certified cocoa by 2025
  • Source cocoa and other ingredients deforestation-free and conversion-free by 2025

All Loacker products are made with ingredients of certified origin, backed by the company's investment in long-term partnerships that provide fair working and living conditions for cocoa and vanilla farmers in Madagascar, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. Loacker's commitment to top-quality ingredients while respecting both nature and the people involved in the entire production process is demonstrated through key initiatives including:

  • Loacker's Sustainable Cocoa Farming Project uses only ethically sourced and sustainably produced chocolate. Through collaboration with two cooperatives in the Ivory Coast and Ecuador, Loacker is able to guarantee the finest cocoa flavor, sustainability and control of the supply chain as well as fair conditions for the farmers and fair payments.
  • The Noccioleti Italiani Project enables Loacker to ensure the supply of 100 percent herbicide-free Italian hazelnuts and has incentivized the introduction of hazelnut orchards in new areas through long-term agreements with 80 farms in six different regions of northern and central Italy. Earlier this year, Loacker sustainably harvested its one millionth hazelnut.
  • The Alpine Milk Initiative dries milk and whey for Loacker's fine chocolate and creams, using Non-GMO Alpine milk sourced directly from Loacker's surroundings in the Alps where small dairy farmers keep a small number of cows.
  • The Madagascar Vanilla Project works directly with small groups of local farmers north of Madagascar, fostering development through positive community and ecological activities and ensuring the outstanding quality of precious vanilla pods used in the creation of Loacker products.