Under its “Animals with Superpowers” series, Yowie Group has debuted the Pacific Giant Glass Frog, the rarest collectible the company says it has ever released. 

The Pacific Giant Glass Frog’s superpower is translucency. Native to Ecuador and Colombia, its skin is translucent, showing its organs, bones and muscles. This amphibian is Critically Endangered in the wild. Yowie hopes that being part of this new collection in a special way will bring added awareness to its plight and how it can be helped. 

The odds of finding a Pacific Giant Glass Frog are one in one thousand. Among the first to discover the glass frog is Katelyn Lauscher from Wisconsin. 

“When I first opened the glass frog, I was actually super confused that I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website or charts,” Lauscher said. “I even searched Google. Then I found a Facebook group that told me to message Yowie directly, and I was so thrilled to find out how rare it was. Being the first person to find the rare Glass Frog is a ‘feel good’ accomplishment and makes me want to keep collecting more and more Yowie. I started collecting Yowie a couple years ago, and I love that not only is the chocolate delicious, but it’s also always a surprise what cute figure you’re going to find. Learning facts about some animals that I’ve never even heard of is quite interesting!”

Information regarding the Pacific Giant Glass Frog is available on Yowie’s website so fans can learn more. For anyone eager to discover one or complete their “Animals with Superpowers” collection, Yowie surprise-inside chocolate eggs can be found in more than 30,000 retail outlets across the United States. 

“When we were developing this newest ‘Animals with Superpowers’ collection, we wanted to do something special and different for our fans,” said Cynthia Thayer, global CMO at Yowie Group. “This is our seventh series since the re-launch of Yowie in 2014, and we try hard to keep each new collection fresh and exciting. It is always special to us to call attention to amazing, endangered animals. This time, our intent was to very literally surprise collectors with an ultra-rare collectible, letting them be the first to bring it to light to the general public.” 

Thayer said there’s an opportunity for Yowie fans to obtain 21 new collectibles if you include the glass frog, in the new series: 19 endangered animals and two Yowie characters, Nap and Crag. 

“Yowie is on a mission to make learning about endangered wildlife fun with the added bonus of acquiring high-quality collectibles and 100 percent, clean-label milk chocolate treats,” Thayer said.