Savage Bros. Co. has unveiled a new logo honoring its 166-year history as a manufacturer of confectionery equipment.

The new logo features Savage Bros. Co.'s original Firemixer cooker-mixer, which was introduced in 1903 and became the standard batch cooker for caramel, fudge, toffee, brittle and every cooked confection for both small- and large-batch candymakers. 

“The new image honors our history of a machine that has been a key part of candy making for over a century and has evolved into the current generational model to better serve our customers across the globe,” Savage Bros. said in a news release. “As a company we strive to mirror that sentiment of continuous improvement of our machinery while always paying homage to the original beginnings and goals of the Savage family. This new symbol represents a reflection of our legacy, values, and commitment to make the finest equipment for our current customers and generations to come.”

Savage Bros. Co.'s original logo featured Native American imagery.