The Tic Tac brand says it successfully completed its trip to space earlier this month. 

On Friday, Aug. 6, the brand launched a Tic Tac UFO vessel into space. The craft held 100 Tic Tac packs and displayed messages from consumers to extraterrestrial friends (in the event they were out there). Conducted in partnership with Sent into Space, the flight was 175 minutes in length and the vessel reached an altitude of 121,0999 feet.  

Messages shared on a scrolling ticker-tape board on the vessel included: 

  • “It's one small mint for man, one giant mint, for Mankind(s),” That UFO Podcast (@ufouapam) 
  • “I'm sure even ETs appreciate minty fresh breath! #TicTac,” Random Average Guy (@l3athal101) 
  • “FantasTIC, first conTACt has me full of exciteMINT.  From the governMINT's of the world, welcome to our planet,” Stephen (@SteUFOnotCGULLS) 

Tic Tac was spotted in the atmosphere in 2004 by Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, who reported a UFO in the shape of a Tic Tac breath mint. Newly declassified video footage of the incident has resulted in worldwide fanfare and additional speculated sightings. The most recent witness account occurred last month in the United Kingdom, spawning continued interest from believers around the globe.

"Tic Tac has a very strong connection with the history of space, having launched the same year that American astronauts landed on the moon in 1969 and the UFO reference that has made news for over 15 years now," said Noah Szporn, senior v.p., Ferrero Sugar Confections North America. "Our fans have been so receptive and excited by the UFO connection, especially in the last few months, that it seemed fitting to send our own Tic Tac vessel into space containing the universal mints while displaying their personal words into the galaxy."