Latitude Craft Chocolate, a certified B Corporation that produces chocolate at origin in Uganda, is now available in the United States through distributor Bar & Cocoa.

Latitude’s journey began in cocoa sourcing – with the aim to create a sustainable supply chain serving both farmers and chocolate companies. Its dedication to quality and sustainable development quickly gave way to its bean-to-bar factory in Kampala, Uganda, where Latitude’s team of young, Ugandan chocolate makers and chocolatiers produce its full range of chocolate products – from bars to bonbons to couvertures.

Through the Latitude supplier program, the company signs long-term contracts with farmers to grow organic cacao, promote biodiversity and ensure fair labor practices on all farms. The company guarantees this by routinely visiting and inspecting every individual supplier in its program.

Latitude purchases the cocoa directly from farmers at collection points that are walking distance from their farms. Their prices are 15-20 percent above market with a price floor to ensure its suppliers have the best chance of supporting their households. As part of Latitude’s standard bundle of benefits, the company provides training, insurance and microloans to help households turn their income into wealth.

Latitude’s dark chocolates contain only two ingredients, cocoa and cane sugar. All of its products and flavors draw on locally-sourced Ugandan ingredients from the milk and coffee to the vanilla.

Latitude’s 70-gram bars, which are available for $8 through Bar & Cocoa, include:

  • Semuliki 70%: Features hints of panela, fig and browned fruits
  • Rwenzori 80%: The darker, older sibling to our Semuliki bar, it features an intensely dark chocolate with notes of fresh fruits
  • Dark Milk 49%: Features the perfect balance between dark and milk
  • White Caramel 40%: Dulce de leche white cocoa butter meets caramelized milk and molasses-flavored cane sugar in this bar
  • Bukonzo Coffee 70%: Single-origin Ugandan Arabica coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains delivers the punch in this pleasantly bitter and bright 72% dark chocolate bar