Saco Foods is launching the company's first-ever seasonal Dolci Dippers Kit. 

Entering stores in time for back-to-school activities and Halloween, the kit includes the Dolci brand's signature chocolate melting wafers, large pretzel rods for dipping, and autumn-themed sprinkles.

"We know that consumers don't buy Dolci dipping chocolate alone, they buy it alongside pretzels, fruit, and nuts to eat with it," says Pam Statz, v.p. of sales and marketing at Saco Foods. "We wanted to create a line of kits that saves our customers time and includes everything one needs for a fun, at-home activity."

Saco's interest in developing the new product line stems from research into their customer purchasing behavior, often seeing spikes in Dolci melting wafer sales around seasonal events and holidays as people look for ways to celebrate with affordable desserts. The kits were also designed with families and teachers in mind. The microwaveable-safe and nut-free chocolate dip is ideal for classroom settings, allowing kids to safely partake in creating their own sweet snacks.

The Dolci Dippers Fall Decorating Kit will allow for more product visibility outside of the brand's standard produce section and meet the growing demand of kid-friendly activity kits. 

The Fall Decorating Kit is the first release of the Dolci Dippers-themed decorating kits, and Saco plans to launch additional kits later in the year.

About Saco Foods

Saco is a leading distributor of specialty consumer packaged goods selling primarily to supermarkets and mass retailers in the U.S. Founded in 1973, Saco's primary products include Dolci Frutta — a chocolate hard-shell dessert dip for fruit, nuts, and other snacks — as well as powdered instant milk, powdered dry buttermilk, and baking cocoa sold under the Saco Pantry family of brands.