HI-CHEW has expanded its innovative portfolio of flavors with the launch of the HI-CHEW Berry Mix, featuring three new offerings: Black Cherry, Raspberry and Blueberry. 

Inspired by consumers' beloved bite-size fruit flavors, the new HI-CHEW Berry Mix stays true to their refreshing origin. Each chewlet in this mix provides the juicy burst of freshness, bringing berry notes to life. In addition to flavor, HI-CHEW utilized its double-layer technology to ensure that the latest offerings showcase the fruits’ vibrant colors within each chewlet.

  • Black Cherry is known to be a deliciously sweet fruit, almost like eating candy on a stem. HI-CHEW Black Cherry mimics both the ripe flavor and bold red color.
  • Raspberry provides the perfect blend of tart and sweet with a vibrant pinkish hue. HI-CHEW Raspberry delivers on that refreshing depth of flavor in each bite.
  • Blueberry is a one-of-a-kind antioxidant superfood. HI-CHEW Blueberry brings out a burst of tang and sweetness, just like grabbing a handful of blueberries right off the bush.

“We’ve seen a high demand for berry flavors within the market, with Black Cherry, Raspberry and Blueberry consistently showing up as fan favorites in the States,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, chief marketing officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “Tapping into consumers' excitement for authentic fruit flavors, our research and development team was able to perfectly capture the true-to-life flavor and give consumers a vibrant experience with each bite. We’re excited to reveal these new offerings that showcase a delightful and refreshing take on Americans’ favorite berry flavors.”

Since the parent company of Morinaga America, Inc., Morinaga & Co., first launched HI-CHEW in 1975, the candy has been created in over 200 flavors. With a passion for flavor, the brand continues to conduct extensive research to develop the perfect flavors for the American consumer, exploring palate preferences and evolving trends. 

The HI-CHEW Berry Mix is offered in a 3-oz. peg bag for a suggested retail price of $2.59 (varies per market). HI-CHEW Berry Mix is available exclusively at 7-Eleven locations nationwide. Starting April 27, HI-CHEW Berry Mix will be available for purchase at additional retailers and online at HI-CHEW.com.